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 Curt LaCross is an artist interested in figurative sculpture. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1995 from Central Michigan University. He received a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Ceramics from Michigan State University in 1997. Curt’s work initially began with the thrown structure. As his work progressed, it evolved into the handbuilt human figure. While his work focuses on the external form, it speaks of the internal human psyche.  His interests regarding this subject grew after researching Carl Jung and the archetypal image. He was particularly interested in the shadow archetype and it’s presence in human nature.

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The human being is designed with both positive and negative attributes that play a role in personal development. Each of us manifests the consequences of the exchange between the two influences, both monstrosity, and rationality. Interested in these aspects of human nature, I fabricate figures that characterize the human condition. I have developed a body of work whereby the physical manifests the psychoanalytical paradoxes present in the human consciousness. My aim is to construct figures that introduce a dialogue between these paradoxes and polarities.

By constructing anonymous figures with ambiguous expressions, subjects who are burdened with a vague history and whose fleshy exteriors suggest uncertain intentions. My hope is to engage viewers in examining the relationship between themselves and the work. The shifted anatomy, the pose, the gaze, and the gesture all allude to human conflict. Familiar with guilt, habit, desire, and consequences the viewer is left to decipher the nature of the pieces. The figures' solemn emotional tension and fragilities mirror the observers' vulnerabilities present in their conscious and subconscious.

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